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5 April 2014 anime indie gene kelly

KenshiroMinecraft (by AtomicStryker). Read the title. You should know what to expect. BUT IT’S SO MUCH MORE [b]AWESOME[/b] THAN THAT.

21 October 2011 anime gaming minecraft ATATATATATATATATATATA

21 October 2011 anime ill-advised remakes

One Piece in 6 Minutes [Happy Birthday to DNubsPro] (by DNubsPro). This might not make much sense if you’ve not read any of the… wow, 640 chapters of manga, or watched any of the… holy crap, 517 episodes of the anime, but if you HAVE, it’s pretty good (via Reddit).

1 October 2011 anime one piece

31 March 2011 anime

Kamehameha by Kinect: Updated and Code is Out! (via Japanator). Wow, that’s pretty awesome. And no, there’s no audio.

21 February 2011 gaming anime

4 February 2011 anime p2p

From Japanator. Really, there’s nothing more I can say about it that it can’t say on its own. :D

From Japanator. Really, there’s nothing more I can say about it that it can’t say on its own. :D

30 January 2011 anime

25 January 2011 anime insert

Latest Supernatural Anime Trailer (2) HQ HD (via Aaron Williams).

"Oh God, they’re making a Supernatural anime? … OH GOD, IT’S BY MADHOUSE?!

22 December 2010 anime trailer

Bleach - Opening 1 - Asterisk (Orange Range) (via Caraniel’s Ramblings). As the person who wrote the entry mentioned, this song brings back so many good memories, and some sad ones. I remember watching this opening several years ago, and thinking how cool it and Bleach was.

8 December 2010 anime OP opening

Cromartie High School opening. I’m currently watching this. 26 10-minute episodes, all of which are on the far side of comprehensible.

Lyrics can be found in the video note here.

8 December 2010 anime OP opening

【Touhou Anime】幻想万華鏡 ~The Memories of Phantasm~【東方】 (via Original Sound Version). The animation is apparently the work of either one man or a very small independent group, and it’s remarkably impressive. The music is by Iceon, and, as you’ve no doubt guessed, the characters are from the incredibly popular shmup series Touhou.

1 December 2010 anime games shmup

多田葵 - Brave Song. I mentioned a few times that I liked Angel Beats!, and I’ve said to a few people that the ED is wonderful. I’ve just realised that it’s sung by Aoi Taba, who voiced Ed in Cowboy Bebop, twelve years ago, at the age of 17. Something of a coincidence.

16 November 2010 anime ed ending

Eden of the East ED 1080p. Just finished this series (eleven episodes), and it was great. The OP is an Oasis song, so it’s highly unlikely that it’ll remain on YouTube long enough to post. For a version with subtitles, go here.

2 August 2010 anime ed ending